Submission call: Translation and Women – Exploring the Indian Subcontinent

By | September 12, 2020

Translation as an act exists in the intersection of the creative and the critical. In engaging with different language systems it opens up new dialogic spaces. In a world that is becoming largely intolerant of multiple perspectives and where survival of a number of languages are becoming a matter of concern, translation can be one of the important means to pave the way for a more democratic and polyphonic world by allowing voices across boundaries of state and culture. A significant translation is therefore as much a political choice as it is a creative one.

In the Indian Subcontinent, one of the richest multilingual regions of the world, where language demography ranges from less than a hundred, as in the case of Andamanese to a few lakhs in case of some major languages, translation is bound to play a significant role. As a two way device, it can both abet as well as foster linguistic hegemony, depending on the way it is used. But its role is not limited to just that. The contribution of translation in bringing marginalised voices from the periphery to centre is also important from the perspective of gender studies.

Women in translation – both as translator as well as authors to be translated, have not received due attention. There is a rich tradition of women’s literature within the subcontinent but they remain largely rooted in their respective languages. Translation can play an important role here in building up a conversation across cultures and languages and let women’s voices reach a wider audience. 

This edition of SETU will focus on Translation and Women in the Indian Subcontinent. Articles and translated literature (of all genres), interviews and book reviews within 2500 words are invited from interested scholars and translators in topics related but not limited to –

 1. Women translators in Indian subcontinent

2. Translating women authors belonging to the subcontinent

3. Bridging the subcontinent with the rest of the world

4. Translations of poem, fiction, drama and other genres

5. Book reviews of important works of translation by women from the subcontinent 

6. Interviews of women translators belonging to the subcontinent

Contributors are requested to go through the given link and follow the guidelines while submitting their work. 
Deadline for contributor’s submission – 10th November 2020
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